Leafdogs Species Hub!

Welcome to the Leafdogs Species Hub! Here you can find anything you want to know about these wonderful leafy creatures. Take a stroll through the garden and look at all existing Leafdogs, learn about the species itself, and maybe even take home a new friend! To learn more, check out the links on the sidebar!

Leafdogs are a hybrid of nature spirits and animals, resembling canine creatures with plants sprouting from their body!

If you are interested in getting your own Leafdog, there are a few ways to do so!

Adopt a Leafdog: You can adopt a premade Leafdog design in an auction, raffle, or flat sale. You may also find Leafdogs being traded or rehomed by their owners!

MYO Slots: Make your own custom Leafdog design.

Custom Slots: Have a Leafdog designed + drawn by Leafhoof, made to your specifications.

Breeding: Any two Leafdogs can breed and have a litter of pups for you to choose from!

A complete registry of all created leafdog designs can be found here!

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